Haitian Timoun Foundation

//Haitian Timoun Foundation

Haitian Timoun Foundation

With support from board
members, team members, and vendor partners, Hammersmith raised over $10,000 for
the Haitian Timoun Foundation (HTF), this year’s non-profit beneficiary of the
Hammersmith Invitational Golf Tournament.
“At Hammersmith, we make
giving back to the community a top priority. Today, we all came together in
support of a great cause, but had lots of fun along the way,” said John
Hammersmith, CEO. “We’ve been fortunate in our success, but it’s important to
remember those who are not as fortunate. The proceeds from today’s event are
going to a worthy organization at the Haitian Timoun Foundation, helping kids
and families most in need.”

Haitian Timoun Foundation
is a non-profit organization and a grassroots movement aimed at creating a
future of hope, sustainability, and dignity for the children of Haiti. HTF
focuses on community-based initiatives including education, the development of
marketable skills, and wellness programs for some of Haiti’s most disadvantaged

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