Past Volunteer Efforts

/Past Volunteer Efforts/

September 2012

Rocky Mountain Public Broadcasting Service

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In both 2012 and 2011, our company’s largest beneficiary was Rocky Mountain Public Broadcasting Service (RMPBS). In 2011, our 8th Annual Hammersmith Classic Golf Tournament raised $10,000 for RMPBS, and in 2012 we raised $12,125. We believe that our passion for communities and RMPBS’ commitment to programming that educates, informs, and reaches all of our [...]

July 2012

Denver Children’s Hospital

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Our Directors of Community Association Management joined with the executive team, including John Hammersmith, and agreed to be “auctioned off” at our 2012 company picnic. Employees bid on the right to send each into the dunk tank, accompanied by a lot of laughter and applause. In one afternoon, we raised $1,200, with members of the [...]

May 2012

Quarters for Kids

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The Client Services team raised money for Quarters for Kids during the month of April. Collection cans were placed throughout our offices, and inducements for larger donations in exchange for perks were offered. For example, any donation above $5 gave the right to wear casual clothes at work instead of more formal business attire. At [...]