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April 2015

HammerTime Day of Service & Habitat for Humanity

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   Tuesday April 21st, Hammersmith Team Members, organized by Amy Bazinet, used their HammerTime Day of Service to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity. The Team Members who participated were Scott Stewart, Troy Marquardt, Brandon Logsdon, Noreen Kelly, Lynae Guardado, Amy Bowman, Camy Rea, Meghan Bahnsen, Lance Husted, and Pervis Johnson. Each year Hammersmith volunteers and supports [...]

National Volunteer Week and HammerTime Day of Service

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Hammersmith Management is very thankful for all of our Team Memberswho participate in HammerTime Day of Service! So far this year, Hammersmith Team Members have volunteered their time to support the GLBT Community Center, the American Cancer Society – Cancer Action Network, and the Beautiful Scar Project. Our volunteer efforts will continue throughout 2015.  Below are the [...]