HammerTime House Painting

//HammerTime House Painting

HammerTime House Painting

Yesterday was a great day for Hammersmith’s community involvement efforts! Take a look at the photos below.
18 Hammersmith employees used their HammerTime day to paint the house of a military veteran and his wife. It was significant experience and we all hope that all of you are able to do something similar before the year is over. Below are a few quotes and pictures that will give you a feel for what the day was like…

“I liked being able to hang out with everyone in a new environment. Also, the look on their face when it was finished was incredible.  I got to talk to neighbor and hear that this is the best their house has ever looked. This not only made a difference to Robert & Joyce, but to the neighbors as well.”
                – Ryan Vieth 
“Little things make a huge difference. I painted the chimney and they couldn’t stop talking about how amazing it looked.”
                – Christina Hammett
“It feels good to give back. Seeing how emotional they got afterwards was powerful.”
                – Jeanette Murico 
“It’s amazing to see a business to give up time during the week for it’s employees to volunteer with us.  Everyone was very goal oriented and worked hard to the end.”
                – Lindsay from Brother’s ReDevelopment
“I am so emotional that I don’t know what to say. I am extremely grateful for everyone at Hammersmith.  We have needed to paint our home for over 10 years, but we have not been able to.  It’s great to find people that were willing to help us to do it.”
                – Robert & Joyce, homeowners
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